A new film festival is being born in Italy.

Cactus collects and screens high-quality fiction and nonfiction movies, in every genre, dedicated to children and kids.

Why a film festival dedicated to children and kids, and why naming it Cactus?

The pandemic that overwhelmed the whole of humanity is asking a lot to children and kids. Although during the last year, in several countries, some of them have managed to go to school, the extraordinary world situation we are facing is stealing something from their experiences and relationships.

In these extreme circumstances, we want to give children and kids something new, something created specifically for them. And we thought that stories and cinema could bring in their lives a sparkle of magic.

Many children – because they are too young and because the cinema is suffering from the pandemic – never went to the cinema.


Being a child or a kid doesn’t mean being less than an adult, neither being a small adult. It doesn’t mean to be incomplete or insufficient. It just means being young.

That is why, beside a technical jury, the main jury of the Festival is given to students from our territory.

We believe that one of the ways we have for giving voice to children and kids is starting to talk with them. This is true not only today, in the pandemic: this is always true. So, the Cactus Film Festival is one of the possible contributes to achieving it.

Now, let's talk about the festival’s name: why Cactus?

The word cactus needs no translation because it is easily understandable at any latitude. As well as images on a screen, it sounds immediately familiar and soon recognizable, without any filter or explanation.

A cactus can root and grow and flower on harsh soil, with a little water or care.

Well, it does not mean that we’re going to feed the Cactus Film Festival with just a little water and cares. It means that on the harsh soil we’re living in nowadays, cinema and cinema for children and kids can root and grow and flower as well as a cactus does in the desert.

Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations for the Cactus film Festival 2021 edition are available.


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